Raj Bhavan at Gandhinagar



In August 1978, it was decided to shift the Raj Bhavan at Gandhinagar in the Bungalow constructed for Hon. Chief Minister. Some additions and alterations were made in the Bungalow of the Chief Minister so as to make all the basic amenities available as per requirement. Thus the Bungalow constructed for the Chief Minister was converted into the Raj Bhavan. It is a two-storeyed building made of R.C.C. roof.

The site of the existing Raj Bhavan of Gujarat is perhaps the smallest in the country. However, the building is surrounded by huge trees; and the visitor cannot remain unimpressed by the peaceful environment prevailing all around. The total site area of the existing Raj Bhavan is 25,000 Sq.mt., whereas the built up area is 2640 Sq. mt.. The interior decoration is befitting to the august position in the sense that it reflects the culture, ethos and ethnicity of Gujarat.

The present Raj Bhavan is situated on the West border of Gandhinagar town along ''J'' road which is the national highway No. 8-A proceeding towards Rajkot. The Sabarmati river flows only about 500 meters away. It is situated at the very entrance of the Ministers' Bungalows complex. The estate has a very pleasant environment and a visit to the Raj Bhavan is indeed a memorable experience.

The Raj Bhavan serves both as the Governor's Secretariat as well as his residence. It represents the pinnacle of power within the State's jurisdiction suggesting hierarchy, dignity and grandeur while in the context of the democratic society it also remains more accessible and modest. The whole complex gives an air of both dignity and grace. As precinct of power, it calls for protocols, formalities and hierarchy; whereas as a living environment it expresses recluse, informality and serenity. Thus, it is an ideal mix of a simultaneous existence of formal and informal world.

It homes a range of activities ranging from collective to intimate, formal to informal and public to personal. The offices of the support staff, Governor's residence, security, utilities, VVIP Unit, Guest House, Banquet Hall- all have their functional activities and demands which need to be carried out on their own at one plane while providing mutual support to each other at the other plane.

Opening up the Raj Bhavan to the Public:- In today's age of transparency in administration, people at large have a right to know about any government institute and its functioning. Even the Raj Bhavan cannot remain an exception.

In his desire to make the राजभवन a लोकभवन over a period of time, Shri O. P. Kohli, Hon. Governorshri of Gujarat, had directed the Raj Bhavan secretariat to chalk out modalities for opening up the Raj Bhavan to the people. Consequently, it has been decided to keep the Raj Bhavan open to the public five days a week except public holidays.

People willing to visit the Raj Bhavan are required to send online request to the Raj Bhavan Secretariat for the same. Details for this are available on the Raj Bhavan’s website.

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