Past Governors detail

Shri B.K. Nehru
Governor of Gujarat
From 26/04/1984 To 25/02/1986
Date of Birth : 04/09/1909
Date of Demise :
Place of Birth : Allahabad
Family Status :
Details of the life sketch of
Shri B.K. Nehru

Son of Shri Brij Lal and Rameshwari Nehru, Shri Braj Kumar Nehru was born in Allahabad, U.P. on September 4, 1909. He was educated at the University of Allahabad, the London School of Economics, Balliol College, Oxford, and the Inner Temple, London getting degrees in the Natural Sciences, Politics and the Law.

Shri B.K. Nehru joined the Indian Civil Services in 1934 and till 1939 held various governmental appointments in the province of Punjab. In that year his services were placed at the disposal of the Government of India. After acting as Under Secretary in the Department of Education, Health and Lands, Officer on Special Duty in the Reserve Bank of India and in the office of the Accountant General, Bombay, he joined the Ministry of Finance where he held several appointments in succession for many years. In 1957 he was appointed as Secretary of the Department of Economics Affairs.

Between 1949 and 1954 Shri Nehru worked as Executive Director in the World Bank and Economic Minister at the Indian Embassy in Washington. In 1958 he was appointed as Commissioner General for Economic Affairs to handle India's external financial relations and in 1961 he became Ambassador to Washington which post he held till 1968. That year he was appointed as Governor of States of Assam and Nagaland and subsequently in 1972 of all the North-Eastern States of India. In 1973 he became High Commissioner for India in London which post he held up to 1977.

Shri Nehru had represented India at a number of International Conferences and organisations including Reparation Conference- 1945. Commonwealth Finance Minister's Conference, U.N. General Assembly 1949-1952 and 1960, Food and Agriculture Organisation Conference 1955. Later he was deputed to enquire into Australian Federal Finance. In 1951-53 he was appointed as a member of the U.N. Advisory Committee on Administration and Budgetary Questions. In 1955 he worked as Advisor to the Sudan Government and has since 1961 been a member of United Nations Investments Committee and became its Chairman in 1977.

Shri Nehru received honorary doctorates from the Missouri Valley College, Mississippi and Jacksonville College, Florida. He is also an Honorary Fellow of the London School of Economics. He also received an honorary doctorate of literature from the Punjab University, Chandigarh.

Shri Nehru had a number of publications to his credit including Speaking of India, Australian Federal Finance. He held the office of the Governor of Jammu and Kashmir since February 1981. Shri Nehru held the office of the Governor of Gujarat from April 26, 1984 to 25 th February, 1986.