Indian Red Cross Society Gujarat State Branch

The Red Cross is always in the forefront to render relief promptly and speedily wherever and whenever disaster strikes, transcending all barriers of nationality, race, religion, and language. Its role is more pronounced during natural calamities, epidemics and attempted conflicts and therefore better known. Each other three components (International Committee of Red Cross, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and National Societies) have its own special areas of work carried out separately. But they are interlinked. The three together form the International Red Cross Movement and on one such occasion - World Red Cross Day 8 th May all of them pay glowing tribute to its founder 'Jean Henry Dunant' who was born on this date in 1828.

Mission :-

The Indian Red Cross Society Act of 1920 outlines its mission: a self-reliant, relevant, vibrant and effective institution able to provide support to the needy and to alleviate human suffering.

Legal Base :-

The Indian Red Cross Society was established in 1920 constituted under the Act XV of 1920 and was recognized by the Movement in 1929 as amended by Act. No. 22 of 1956 and the Adaptation of Law (No. 4) Order, 1957

Aims and Objectives :-

Aims and Objectives as laid down in the Indian Red Cross Society Act-XV of 1920 as amended, which are produced here below :-

  • Aid to the sick and wounded members of the Armed Forces of the Union in accordance with the terms and spirit of the Geneva Conventions of 12th August, 1949 and discharge of other obligations devolving upon the Society under the Conventions as the recognized auxiliary of the Armed Forces Medical Services.
  • Aid to the demobilized sick and wounded members of the Armed Forces of the Union.
  • Maternity and Child Welfare.
  • Junior / Youth Red Cross.
  • Nursing and ambulance work.
  • Provision of relief for the mitigation of suffering caused by epidemics, earthquakes, famines, floods and other disasters, whether in India or outside and Rehabilitation of Victims.

Constituency :-

Gujarat has 25 Districts and 225 Talukas territory region. The Indian Red Cross Society, Gujarat State Branch has 23 District Branches and 45 Sub-district Branches.

Leadership :-

Hon'ble the Governor of Gujarat is the President of Gujarat State Branch. Hon. Chief Minister is the Vice- President; Hon. Health Minister is the Chairman, Hon. General Secretary, Hon. Treasurer and eight members are elected at the Annual General Meeting. Five members are nominated by the President on the Managing Committee. Similarly each District Branch will have to nominate one representative on the Managing Committee. Eight ex-officio members are also to taken u. Thus, the total strength of the Managing Committee will be above 50 members.

The Gujarat State Branch managing body is responsible for governance and supervises the functions of the society. It is assisted by a number of other committees: an executive committee, branch committee, as well as committees for health and disaster relief. The managing body elected the members of these committees. The managing body and other committees meet from time to time.

The District Branches follow a similar organizational pattern to that of the Gujarat State Branch, although details of their governing structure differ slightly from branch to branch. The common feature is that the collector of the province is the president of the District Branch. The members of the district committees are a mix of nominated and elected members.

Human resource :-

There is 48 full-time paid staff at Gujarat State Branch. Professional staff numbers around 14 and there are 34 support staffs. Senior management staff at Gujarat State branch is one Hon. General Secretary and Hon. Treasurer.

The society attaches importance to training its manpower by giving Training in Disaster Preparedness, Community Base First Aid, Conflict Preparedness, Volunteer Management and Branch Development etc. Indian Red Cross Society attracts qualified and experienced applicants due to its good public image. Personnel turnover is low and staff tends to remain at the society for long periods of time.

The branches are autonomous and staffing patterns at branch levels differs from branch to branch. Branches are financially independent and have individual pay structures, although they generally follow the state pattern. Volunteers are involved in programme activities at branch level, particularly in disaster relief work.

Activities of the Red Cross :-

Red Cross undertakes a number of activities such as Disaster Relief, Disaster Preparedness, Community and Welfare Programmes, Pulse-Polio Eradication Programme, Blood Donation activities, Running of Artificial Limb Centres and Thalassaemia Prevention Programme, etc.

One can have detailed information about the Indian Red Cross Society, Gujarat State Branch from the following place:-

Dr. Bhavesh Acharya,
Indian Red Cross Society,
Gujarat State Branch,
Red Cross Bhavan,
Nr. Khadi Gram Udhyog Board,
Ashram Road, Vadaj,
Ahmedabad-380 013.
Tel. No. (079)- 2755 7055, 2755 7056
Fax No. (079)- 2755 1790
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