The Gujarat Cancer Society


The Hon’ble Governor of Gujarat

Executive Chairman & Vice President

Shri Pankaj R Patel

Vice President Trustees
The Hon’ble health Minister, Govt. of Gujarat Shri Pankaj R. Patel
Shri Deepak Navnitlal Shri Prashant Kinarivala
Shri Zarineben Cambatta Shri Kshitish Madanmohan
Shri Bhartiben S. Parikh Shri Rajesh Jaykrishna
Dr. Narendra L. Patel Shri Navnitlal G. Chokshi
Dr. Pankaj M. Shah
General Secretary Secretary
Shri Prashant Kinarivala Shri Kshitish Madanmohan
Joint Secretary Treasurer
Dr. Kiran Kothari Shri Kaushik D. Patel
Dr. Geetaben Joshi Smt. Mandakiniben Bhagawati
Dr. R. K. Vyas

Governing Council Members

1. Hon’ble Governor of Gujarat 16. Shri Harin Choksi
2. Shri Nitin Patel 17. Shri Rashmibhai Magiawala
3. Shri Pankaj R. Patel 18. Smt. Zarineben Cambatta
4. Shri Prashant Kinarivala 19. Smt. Padmaben jaykrishna
5. Shri kshitish Madanmohan 20. Dr. Nitin S. Shah
6. Dr. N.L. Patel 21. Shri Malav J. Shah
7. Dr. P.M. Shah 22. Shri Bharat kshatriya
8. Dr. Shilin N. Shukla 23. Shri Chandravadan Patel
9. Dr. R.K. Vyas 24. Shri Kandarp Kinarivala
10. Dr. Kirti Patel 25. Shri Piyush Desai
11. Dr. Kiran Kothari 26. Shri Amrish Parikh
12. Dr. Geeta Joshi 27. Shri Pradip Kamdar
13. Dr. R.I. Dave 28. Shri Divyesh Radia
14. Shri N.T. Chavda 29. Shri Rajesh Jaykrishna
15. Shri kaushik Patel 30. Shri Kanubhai Patel
GCS Nominees on GCRI
Governing Board
Special Adivisor to Chairman
Shri Pankaj R. Patel Dr. Pankaj M. Shah
Shri Prashant Kinarivala
Dr. Narendra L. Patel
Shri Kshitish Madanmohan
Shri Dipak Navnitlal
Hon. Director,GCRI and
Chairman Scientific
Dr. Shilin N. Shukla

The Gujarat Cancer Society w1961 under the patronage of the Hon'ble Governor of Gujarat, Shri Mehdi Navab Jung. It all started with an initial donation of Rs. 5000 by the Inner Wheel Club (Ladies' wing of the Rotary club). This club collected money through a fund-raising Fashion Show. The founders of the Society visualised a need for developing modern facilities for poor cancer patients of the newly formed State of Gujarat. The M. P. Shah Trust of London donated £ 55000 and the dream of creating a cancer hospital was realised. With the constant support of the Government of Gujarat, help from the Government of India and whole-hearted financial support from philanthropists of Gujarat, the M. P. Shah Cancer Hospital was commissioned in the year 1965. The Government of India granted a 125% tax exemption on all donations to the Gujarat Cancer Society. This tax exemption has helped rapid development of the M. P. Shah Cancer Hospital. For sustaining growth and development of the Cancer Hospital, the Gujarat Cancer and Research Institute was formed as an autonomous body in the year 1972 as per an agreement between the Government of Gujarat and the Gujarat Cancer Society. The Gujarat Cancer Society became an active member along with the state authorities in spearheading cancer care activity in the State of Gujarat.

First Meeting of Gujarat Cancer Society

Main activity of Gujarat Cancer Society is to run Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute in collaboration with Government of Gujarat. GCRI is Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI) is a functionally autonomous body was created as a joint venture of Government of Gujarat and Gujarat Cancer Society in the year 1972. The main objectives of GCRI are prevention, early detection, diagnosis and treatment, and associated research activities. At present GCRI is a Regional Cancer Centre and one the prime Cancer Institutes of the country.

GCRI - Speciality Hospital for Cancer Regional Cancer Centre :-

  • 650 indoor beds - Largest Cancer Hospital of the country
  • 18,827 New Cases
  • 1,91,701 Outdoor patients
  • 16,591 Indoor admissions
  • 8,76,305 Laboratory tests
  • 67,468 Histologic examinations
  • 11,979 Major and minor surgeries

GCRI - Speciality Medical Education Centre :-

  • D.M.- Medical Oncology
  • M.Ch.- Surgical Oncology
  • MD - Radiotherapy, Pathology, Gynecological Oncology, Anesthesiology, Radiodiagnosis
  • DMRE - Radiodiagnosis; DA - Anesthesiology
  • DCP - Pathology
  • Ph.D. Life Sciences & Medical Microbiology
  • 100 post graduates and subspeciality students
  • Oncology Training Centre
  • Telemedicine Centre

The Gujarat Cancer Society activities span over several years like Cancer Related Health Awareness; Scientific Research Activities, Conferences, CME and Workshops; Establishment of new or renovation of Hospital Buildings; Purchase of Equipments and Development of New Services; Dr. T. B. Patel Drug Bank; Maintenance of Website and Activities related to Community Oncology Centre, Vasna; Felicitation and Farewell to Senior Staff Members. Following is the record of our various activities:

Further details about the Gujarat Cancer Society, Ahmedabad can be made available from the following address :-

Civil Hospital Campus, Asarwa,
Ahmedabad - 380 016.
Tel: 079-22681451, 22681433;
Tele fax: 91 - 079 - 22685490
Web site: