It gives us immense pleasure to upload the various issues of the यत्किञ्चित्, the In-house magazine of the Gujarat Raj Bhavan.

As is well known, the Governor is the constitutional head of the State. He enjoys certain executive, legislative, financial, judicial and discretionary powers bestowed upon him under the constitution. His role is that of a friend, philosopher and guide for the State Government.

In the above context, Raj Bhavan, the campus called the office-cum-residence of the Governor, represents the pinnacle of power. It represents authority and commands respect. It gives an air of dignity and grace. People are in awe of the Raj Bhavan and have a great respect for it. Its premises are like a well-guarded citadel, generally closed for the people, as entry here has always remained restricted. In such a scenario, people at large have a curiosity to know as to what is happening inside the closed walls of a palace like building called the Raj Bhavan.

Shri O.P. Kohli, Hon. Governorshri, in the course of last two years has taken several path-breaking initiatives which have considerably changed the work culture of the Raj Bhavan employees.

One can feel the winds of change in the vary environment of the Raj Bhavan. It has become more vibrant and more lively. Employees have become more positive and more motivated.

In the changed circumstances, we were thinking to find a way out to reach to the people to tell them something about how we are functioning, what we are doing and how the Hon. Governorshri discharges his constitutional obligations.

In an age of “Right to Information”, we thought it was rational on our part to tell something more about us to the people. The publication of the यत्किञ्चित्In-house Magazine of the Gujarat Raj Bhavan, is our humble attempt towards reaching out to the people. It is a quarterly magazine. So far we have published three issues of it.

Since, we were about to update our website, we thought it appropriate to upload the यत्किञ्चित्on our web-site also in the hope that the general public might like to go through its contents. It is hoped that the initiative would be appreciated by our readers.

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