Welfare Measures for the Raj Bhavan Employees

The Raj Bhavan employees and their family members are treated as Raj Bhavan Family and therefore a number of measures have been taken for their welfare. The major ones are outlined below:

Staff Housing :-

All the Staff members in the Raj Bhavan are provided housing accommodation free of rent.

Co-Operative Society :-

The Raj Bhavan Karmachari Sahakari Sarafi Mandli is working since 1986 to fulfill the financial requirements of the Staff Members.

Health-Care :-

The Raj Bhavan Dispensary provides basic treatment facilities as well as free medicines to the staff members and their families. Benefits of different national health programmes such as Pulse Polio Immunization etc. are made available to the employees through the Raj Bhavan Dispensary. Free vehicle facility is provided for staff members and their families to take them to any hospital for treatment.

Recreation :-

A Shopping Centre has been provided in the Raj Bhavan Staff Quarters for daily routine requirements of the staff member's families. The shops have also been provided to the dependents of the Staff Members / Retired Staff Members.

Shopping :-

Musical and Sports equipments are provided for the use of the Raj Bhavan Employees and their family members.

Celebration of Festivals :-

During the national festivals of the Republic Day & Independence Day and the festivals of Holi & Diwali, Raj Bhavan Employees alongwith their family members are invited for the celebrations.

The Hon. Governor also visits Raj Bhavan Staff Quarters during the Celebrations of Navratri & Ganeshotsava festivals.

Prizes To Meritorious Children :-

The meritorious children of the Class-III and Class-IV employees of the Raj Bhavan are given cash prizes to boost up their morale.