Institutional Mechanism of the Raj Bhavan Secretariat



The Governor's' Secretariat is headed by the Principal Secretary to the Governor who is in the overall command of 2 offices functioning within the Raj Bhavan as shown below:-
  1. Governor"s Secretariat [Office of the Secretary to the Governor of Gujarat]
  2. Office of the Comptroller of the Governor's' Household. The Governor's' Secretariat is headed by the Secretary to the Governor; whereas the office of the Comptroller of the Governor's' Household is headed by the Comptroller to the Governor's' Household. Both report to the Principal Secretary to the Governor.
Sr. No. Name & Designation Phone Nos.
1. Shri Arvind Joshi, IAS (Retd.)
Principal Secretary to the Governor
PABX 101

2 Shri Bakul Jani (Retd.)
Comptroller of Household to the Governor
PABX 123

3 Lt. Jashandeep Singh, IN
ADC to the Governor
PABX 201,261

4 Shri Yashpal Jaganiya, I.P.S
ADC to the Governor
PABX 201,261
5 Dr. Rajendra Singh
O.S.D. to the Governor
PABX 237  
6 Shri V.V.Mathew (Retd.)
Pr. Personal Secretary to the Governor
PABX 235 23226353
7 Shri Jayesh G. Dave
Press Secretary to the Governor
PABX 233

8 Dr.S.B.Simpi
Medical Officer
23220098 23222953
9 Shri Dhiren P. Shah
Under Secretary,
G.S. Office
PABX 234
Tata 56040
10 Shri B. B. Paniker(Retd.)
Section officer,
PABX 236
11 Vacant
Pr. Principal Secretary to the Governor
PABX 264

The Governor's' Secretariat attends to all the work of the Governor including all the duties and functions which the Governor has to perform under the provisions of the Constitution such as those relating to the Legislature, the Gujarat High Court, the Gujarat Public Service Commission and various matters submitted by the Government Departments.

The Secretariat also attends to the work relating to the Swearing-in-Ceremonies of the Council of Ministers, Chief Justice of the Gujarat High Court and the Lokayukta. It also provides assistance to the Governor in the performance of his functions such as the Chancellor of the Universities. Besides, it deals with all the administrative matters with reference to those organizations with which the Governor is associated either as President or Chairman. Basically, it performs the following functions:-

  • The establishment matters of the Secretariat,
  • Files regarding legislative and constitutional matters including assent to Bills,
  • Promulgation of Ordinances,
  • Summoning and proroguing of the Assembly sessions,
  • Approvals to Draft recruitment rules of the Department,
  • Complaints / grievances of public,
  • Requests for patronage of various social service institutions and trusts,
  • Files relating to the appointment of Vice- Chancellors,
  • Statutes and Ordinances received from all the Universities before they are submitted to the Chancellor for his assent / approval,
  • Appointment of the Chancellor's' nominees on the Senate / Executive Council, Academic Council,
  • Accounts Committee, Selection Committee, Building and Works Committee and Legal Advisory Committee,
  • Convocations,
  • Meeting of the Senate, Executive Council, conferment of honourary degrees,
  • Meeting of the Joint Board of Vice- Chancellors; Enquiry Committees; Writ petitions; Appeals; representations; complaints and election petitions received by the Chancellor,
  • Interpretation of the provisions of the University Acts and Statutes,
  • All matters related to several organizations headed by the Governor,
  • Organising review meetings with the concerned officials for reviewing the programmes / schemes for the development of the Scheduled Tribes,
  • Organising various events / functions at the Raj Bhavan as and when required,
  • Protocol duties during the VVIP visits

The main function of the office of the Comptroller of the Governor's' Household headed by the Comptroller of the Governor's' Household is to ensure efficient management of the Raj Bhavan household at Gandhinagar.

All the household activities pertaining to the catering arrangements for the Governor and his family members as well as official guests of the Raj Bhavan are looked after by the office of the Comptroller of Governor's' Household.

Besides, the Comptroller of the Governor's' Household office looks after all the arrangements for all state functions, official meetings, receptions, lunches and dinners hosted at the Dinning Hall and Banquet Hall of the Raj Bhavan. It looks after all the arrangements for the visiting dignitaries, arrangements for the cultural activities, travel arrangements for the Governor and guests as well as the other staff members within and outside the State. It also looks after maintenance of furniture, procurement and purchase of household things, installations and buildings of the Raj Bhavan, maintenance of the Raj Bhavan vehicles, budget, contract of grants, printings and distribution of engagement schedules, invitation cards, allotment of accommodation to staff etc. under the direct supervision of the Comptroller of the Governor's' Household.

There are two Aide-de-Camp to the Governor one from the Indian Armed forces (Indian Army) and the other from the Indian Police Service each doing duty on alternative days. The ADC attends to the work of fixing personal appointments of the Governor (all the officials appointment are channelized through the Governor's' Secretariat) liaisons up with the concerned district administration and escorts the Governor for various engagements. He ensures proper reception of guests and extends invitation on behalf of the Governor. He ensures proper reception of telephonic messages and assists the Governor whenever he desired to speak to someone, particularly a prominent person / VIP. He ensures correspondence and duties, connected with ceremonial. The ADC is also the ceremonial officer concerned with all the ceremonials related to the Raj Bhavan. He ensures maintenance of library assets, and helps in procuring any particular book/s as per requirement. He is responsible for issuing orders and instructions to the guard commanders and the security officers as regards to their performance of duties in Raj Bhavan and in attendance with the Governor while on tour. He is responsible to check the turnout and cleanliness of Class- IV personnel on duty at Raj Bhavan and also the Butlers on duty. The names of the defaulters are reported to the Comptroller for necessary action.

The Officer-on-Special Duty attends to all functions related to the public relations works of the Governor.

Both Personal /Private Secretaries give stenographic assistance to the Governor and attend to the mail, receiving of files and maintenance of proper record of movements of papers. They also do correspondence as per the instructions of the Governor. They also have to attend to the personal works entrusted to them by the Governor.

Press Secretary's' daily duty is to go through the leading newspapers and to submit clippings of important news items concerning the law & order situation, educational, social, financial and industrial issues, political developments, news about developmental programmes etc. pertaining to the State for the kind perusal of Hon'ble the Governor.

He is also responsible for the coverage of functions, meetings, seminars, visits or events, where Hon'ble' the Governor personally participates. He does this through the existing State Information machinery for the use of print, audio and visual media. He also arranges photo and video shoots in this regard; and issues press releases of the coverage of such events to the media. He is also responsible for issuing press releases of good-will messages as well as condolences to the media. He prepares draft speeches for various functions where Hon'ble' the Governor is supposed to attend. He also prepares Hon. Governorshri draft speeches on all important occasions. He is responsible for coverage of all the major events and functions that take place in the Raj Bhavan premises.

Medical Officer is in charge of the Raj Bhavan Dispensary. He examines Hon. Governorshri the Governor regularly on a day-to-day basis early in the morning. If required, he arranges to call the specialist/s on the panel. He ensures adequate supply of the required medicines in the Raj Bhavan Dispensary. He also attends to the ailments of the Raj Bhavan Staff members and their families. If there is a serious case, he arranges to transfer the patient to the Civil Hospital either at Gandhinagar or Ahmedabad or to any other government recognized hospital.